Tuesday, March 27, 2012

theCityChurch Vodcast/Podcast #1: Making Disciples...it's what Jesus said to do

Here is the launch of theCityChurch Podcast and Vodcast!

It's Ryan, Sam and me in the enormous office shared by theCityChurch and Paul's business, Laundry World.  This was an unrehearsed conversation, and it shows how God is growing these men to follow Jesus!

Here is our caption for Episode 1 of theCityChurch Podcast/Vodcast:

When we take hold of God's dream for our lives, for our city...who can stop us?  Watch these two young leaders share about the culture of a movement to make disciples and live for what matters most!
Production Note: This is a quick-n-dirty video processing - it was the first time we used the new yeti microphone, and the gain was too hot, so there is some clipping in the first part of the video.  Buy Ryan and Sam's voices are too good not to publish!

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  • We will have the Video Podcast up sometime soon, so check back.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ReSchedule for Today - Worship Gathering at 5:30

There is no water at Stellar-Beans this morning - they are doing construction along with the cool streetscape work on Ryan St.  

So...we're going to do something really fun and move our time to gather together to 5:30 PM, tonight.

Our Lead Worshipper, Sam Turner, will be speaking about what it's like to apply the Gospel of Jesus to how we use our tongue.  

It's going to be rockin!

See you then,

P.S. Here is sneak preview of our next post, the introduction of theCityChurch Podcast/Vodcast, starring Sam Turner and Ryan Nugent.  Oh Yeah!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

in the flow of the city...

Tonight, I rolled of the board of directors of the Community Foundation of SWLA.  I started when it was an advisory committee of the United Way, and idea and a willingness to take a risk and make a start.    

I was the City President of MidSouth Bank at the time, and so it was a natural part of my life to volunteer and get involved in things that serve the city.  I'm glad Tom Morris asked me to serve.  Thanks, Tom!

I'm so proud to be a part of that group of leaders, and people of integrity!

What is the Community Foundation of SWLA...find out here.

The Community Foundation's Mission: 
To unite human and financial resources to effect permanent, positive culture change.  

Sound's like a plan to me!