Monday, September 27, 2010


It's been a little over a month since announcement day, when we shared publicly the conception of

Our life since then, it's been...Well, it's been Awesome and Terrifying.

Awesome because I've come to grips, more than ever, that God is the One whom I totally depend on. Terrifying because I have come to grips, more than ever, that God is the One whom I totally depend on.

Planting a church is a spiritual endeavor, a process where we walk in God's power to see His Kingdom move forward in our city. We take steps of faith, guided with His light which illuminates the path a step or so at a time.
I thought about the pre-launch process for the Space Shuttle. I really like the series of pictures on this blog, The whole space flight thing is incredibly exciting, reminding me of boyhood times dreaming of rocketing into space.

As we can see in the series of pictures, to put that Orbiter into space, there are a lot of steps along the way, all done under a master plan, with various people with different roles and skills preparing the shuttle in different ways.

In planting a church, there are different roles and lots of steps along the way.

For, we are in the pre-launch phase, gathering a Launch Team (if you are reading this, YOU can be a part of the Launch Team! I'm serious); building relationships with people, including those who aren't vitally connected to a church; serving people without strings attached; reaching out the Gospel in God's love. All of this making theCity ready for this endeavor.

I'm not sure which of these shuttle pictures of it's pre-launch phase that makes us. But I do know this, you won't be confused when you see the Space Shuttle's awe inspiring. And I've only seen one launch from 60 miles away.

When God's love and power show up in someone's life, it changes everything and is unmistakable. Just like the shuttle launch.

We want to see that happen more and more in our city.

The City Should Be Different.


  1. RodneyPaul Mazilly: If ppl are not laughing at ur dreams they're not big enough.-S. Furtick

  2. This was great to read! I'm also a pre-launch planter and eager to hear people talk about this stage. Most of the planters who have made it and planter successful churches forget what it's like to be in this early stage - or at least they quit talking about it.
    Saw you might be attending Michael's crash course. I will be there and would love to connect.