Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday...1st Anniversary of Paul's Dad's Body Death

My daddy, Clay Pettefer died last year on Good Friday. Earlier that day, I recorded this video,, about how sometimes the worst day of your life turns out to be the best day. That night, my awesome dad died (His life in pictures, with narration, the testimony of his faith by Miles Mitchem, and my short talk about my Dad are on

When it's Friday (the day Jesus was executed for everyone else's crimes), we can't have to look for the Resurrection that's coming! I'm serious, DON'T QUIT! Look to Jesus, even when the bodies are dead and in the ground!

This is why the Non-Religious Easter matters...Jesus is no longer dead, he rose from the dead - Easter!

Hang out with theCityChurch Easter Morning at Stellar Beans Coffee, Downtown, 319 Broad St., 10:45 am.


P.S. The Non-religious Easter was great!  We'll post our video of the talk soon.  The entire gathering is recorded on (the first song is very quiet - we turned the mic up after that!)

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  1. The non-religious Easter was great! We'll post our video of the talk, and MORE soon.

    The entire gathering is recorded on The first couple minutes the audio is very quiet - we turned the mic up after that!