Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gathering at Stellar Beans Tomorrow (been a cool 3 weeks!)

In the last 3 weeks we have been doing some interesting stuff:
  • Supporting Kids in Schools
    • We helped put on the Field Day at JFK Elementary by volunteering and bringing the prizes.  
    • We also brought some new P.E. equipment and benches needed at the school.
    • Participated in classroom mentoring at JFK during the year, and the American Press wrote a great article, which you can find here
    • We participated in the Graduation of the 5th graders there.  25 5th graders at JFK and ALL of them passed the LEAP!  11 of the class scored as Advanced or Mastery - WOW!  We will be participating Shadowing a Professional with these kids and others this summer.  
  • 2 weeks ago, we held our Worship Gathering at the Civic Center Seawall, at the Marina and had a great boat party afterward.  We were able to take kids in the boat and tubing who had never been in a boat before.  We got to meet and worship Jesus with people we met at the Civic Center.  We prayed over our city, while we were at one of the keystone places.  
  • Last weekend we had:
    • Mancamp at Toledo Bend - way cool!  We fished, swam, threw ax's, cooked meat over fire, went tubing behind the boat, watched Saving Private Ryan, and worshiped Jesus around a fire...what else can you say!
    • Ladychurch at ShaSha's - Jesus' people can meet anywhere.  We think that theCityChurch should be different, too!  
  • We moved our Freedom Display to the Water's Edge Gatering's Community Theater for the 5K Run for Freedom today to support International Justice Mission - very cool!  Ben Spenser was in charge of creating the interactive experience to tell the story about the enslaved, and we were so glad to support that effort!
Tomorrow we gather at Stellar Beans again, after a couple of weeks doing other things.  I can't wait to see you at 10:45 tomorrow.  We're starting a new series, and it will be very interesting!

We're planting a church because we want God's love to make our city different.


Mentor Paul Pettefer congratulates Ja’marlin LaFleur on winning a “PBIS award.” LaFleur was given the award when a teacher caught him doing something nice for someone else. (Michelle Higginbotham / Special the American Press)


  1. And we had baptisms! Jesus rocks.

  2. How could I forget - Two baptisms on the Marina dock! I love marking the crossing from death to life!