Saturday, August 25, 2012

Something More (Part 2)

Since we're planting a church with the motto, theCityShouldBeDifferent, it's easy to talk a lot about the things we want to see changed, in ourselves, in our church and in our city.

And that's ok.

But let's be super, crystal, look down and see the sand and shells at the sea floor in 30 foot of water clear:

Following Jesus is where it's at.

This part does not change. Ever.

Jesus said his followers were to Love God.
                                                        And love people (including each other).
                                                                  And make disciples (followers) of him.

No conversation about "Something More" can skip over the foundation that the Gospel of Jesus is THE Good News that the whole world needs. That our city needs. We can never skip over the grace of God revealed to the whole world in Jesus.

No forms of church or methods are more central than following Jesus. If we have the "perfect" form and don't follow Jesus in love and make disciples who do the same, we've missing everything.


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