Monday, December 24, 2012

Concert FOR the City - Friday, 7 pm, Dec 28

The concert was GREAT!  We worshiped Jesus, and could feel His presence in our praise. We raised hundreds of dollars for the two great causes, Oasis Calcasieu Women's Shelter, and Backpacks for the homeless in Atlanta. Huge GoJesus to the Water's Edge Gathering for allowing us to hold this in their Community Theater, and to theCityBand for wanting to be the best band for the city!

We planned on airing this short talk at the event, but technical issues prevented it. But we have it here now: Jesus it the Hope For Our City

(The video about the break-In at Laundry World on Christmas Morning is here.)

Here are Sam Turner and Paul Pettefer in front of the Oasis Women's Shelter sharing about the work they do, our story of simple engagement there, and the upcoming concert:

theCityBand has a goal: to be the best band FOR the city!  So, this Friday they are throwing down a concert with 100% of the total proceeds going to the Oasis Women's Shelter and Backpacks for the Homeless.  Here is band leader Sam Turner announcing: Concert 4 the City!

We have a couple of short videos describing the concert, why we picked the causes, and how you can engage!  $10 a ticket, 100% of the proceeds go to the two causes!

You can buy tickets online and read more about the event here.

(You can see more videos from theCityShouldBeDifferent on our YouTube channel here.)

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