Thursday, June 26, 2014

Live a life that leads to "Why?" Giving away 300 BBQ chicken quarters (& some Ribs!) at the Civic Center this Saturday

Last night I had a great time sharing the intro to "The Summer of Friendmaking and Neighboring" at the rockin' Mount Olive Baptist Church. I'll share more about that in a bit.

The end of the evening I rolled out this week's hangout time of Modeling such a whimsical life: We are going to the Civic Center seawall on Saturday, June 28, with the HUGE BBQ Pit trailer pictured below, lighting up the pit and putting on a few racks of SpareRibs and about 320 chicken leg quarters, and giving all that away to our neighbors there that day.


Why not!!  It's fun. It's whimsical. I'm getting pretty good at BBQ, so this is fun stuff, and very tasty!

We'll be there to start conversations and meet our neighbors. No Strings. No Catch.

Why? There's a lot to that question, but we will start at the beginning: We want to life a whimsical life that leads people to ask, Why?  

Because God have loved me, I'm here to love you.

Because serving people is where it's at! We did this same thing, bring this trailer and cook BBQ for a few hundred people (we had never attempted to cook for so many before, but that didn't stop us!) to serve at T. H. Watkins Elementary School this year. We got the 5th graders at the school engaged in helping put on the day, serving their parents for the PTO meeting and school training happening that night.

Because BBQ is tasty, we're getting good at cooking it, and sharing is fun!

Because this whole city, from #Goosport2Graywood, is our home, and all it's inhabitants are our neighbors.

Because everyone here needs a legitimate shot at seeing who Jesus really is. And we think that building relationships is how to see this happen. NOT relationships with an angle, where we are contingent-friends (so long as you come to my church, or so long believe like I believe.)

Because #theCityShouldBeDifferent

See you there.  
Paul Pettefer, 337-794-9891, @paulpettefer,

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