Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Things (New Life & New Website)

This past Sunday, three awesome, Jesus-loving people were baptized in the chilly water after our worship gathering.

It was Fantastic!  (I'll post more on it later.)

And it's all because of Jesus.

When He arrives on the scene, opportunity for a New Life arrives in Him.  These three made a public statement that they have put their trust in Jesus, been made alive by Jesus paying for their debt of sin and the death is brings on the cross, and putting His life, made possible by Him rising from the dead, inside of each of them!

We're believing that God wants to make our city, and the whole world, new because Jesus is Alive!

We're redoing our website to put the flavor of our city and the Jesus-Action here right out front.  So, it may look weird for the next few days as we get it ready.


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