Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring Veterans (with Free Laundry)

theCityChurch & Laundry World:
Veteran’s Day Appreciation
Free Laundry Service
To celebrate and value the service of our Veterans, theCityChurch ( and Laundry World ( are giving away free laundry services to Veterans the week of Veteran’s Day.  (More info also at 

No Strings, No Catch…Just Love

From Thursday, November 11 until Wednesday, November 16:

Þ    FREE Coin-Wash to all Veteran’s (up to 5 loads). 
Þ    FREE Drop-Off Laundry to the spouses of Deployed Veteran’s or the surviving spouse of veterans killed in action (30 pound limit).  (the Family Resource Group sent this flyer in an email to the hundreds of families of the soldiers curently deployed from the 156th, Bayou Bandits, of the Louisiana National Guard.  WE ARE WITH YOU & PRAYING!!!)

WHY are you doing this?

We’re doing this because we believe that
because there are people here who love Jesus.

A small group is planting a new church in Lake Charles, called theCityChurch.  The pastor of the church, Paul Pettefer, also owns Laundry World. 

We believe that God’s love & Grace expressed through Jesus are incredible, that God meets people right were we are & brings us to Him, and that He wants all of us to experience Hope!  We wanted to put a little wind at the back of Veteran’s & spouses of deployed veteran’s with this simple act of love.  If you would like, we would love to pray for you.  Simply email , text to 794-9891, or leave a prayer request at the Laundry.  

theCityChurch has a worship gathering on Sunday mornings @ 10:45 at the Clubhouse of the Village Green apartments, and you would be welcome to join us (2700 Earnest St., park in the long parking lot on the south side of the complex).  (Meeting locations are subject to change as we grow, so call or check out the website to keep up to date.)  We also host other Community Groups and smaller discussion groups, which you would be welcome to hang out at, or just call for coffee.  
You can call/text Paul Pettefer @ 794-9891, email us (above), or check out our website at  Go Jesus!

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  1. Thank You, God, for allowing America to be, and thank you for the brave who stood in harm's way for liberty.

    Freedom isn't free. It costs blood and treasure.