Saturday, October 29, 2011

i want to Thrive, not just survive

The truth is that life here on the earth can be, often is...hard.

God knows.  He sees.

More importantly, He has compassion.  His compassion isn't like mine or yours.  It has enough power to do anything.

Like bring people back from the dead.  He did that first with Jesus.

And He is able, willing and ready to bring the Risen life of Jesus to bear on anyone who puts their trust in Him.

Why is that important?  Because we don't just want to try to make it through a day, hoping that, somehow, it will be enough.  That tomorrow will be better.  That it will all just work out.

Pipe dreams about a better tomorrow, while battling (losing the battle) against giving up real hope today, and medicating the pain, they don't bring a Thriving life.

I know that on my own, I'm not alright.  I needed a rescue to bring me back from my soul death.  And today, I need to walk out this new life that Jesus brings.

I want to Thrive, not just survive.


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