Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesus is For You

 I had an awesome conversation yesterday with a young professional woman at a weekly coffee gathering for local professionals.  She told me about some of her experiences with church - good and disappointing.  She has been divorced, and tasted both the loving embrace of Jesus through His church, and a distancing, unaccepting version.  

She told me how she didn't think our lead message should be that we are against things.  The reason she intuitively felt this is that when we lead with what we are against, the real message, which is that God is coming to them, making a way for rescue, in Jesus, never gets to their hearts.

Right On!  God took the first step, He sent in His Rescue Missionary, Jesus, when we were very much opposed to God's authority and claim over our lives.  He sent in the most positive - Jesus - without us doing one thing to deserve it.  

People need to see that God is For Them.  That He has already moved toward them.

God is For You!
Love, paul

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