Saturday, October 20, 2012

Simple things: living life on mission is not complicated

  • We are gathering tomorrow, October 21, at Glen & Jordan's House.  Call/text paul at 794-9891 for easy directions.   
  • Sunday Night we are planning to go to First Baptist Westlake for a Youth Night with a cool guy coming to share and theCityBand leading worship!

Simple things: living life on mission is not complicated

When we want something to change, we have this tendency to look for complex or huge ideas in order to see that change come to pass.  Usually, however, sustained growth starts and is sustained by simple things, done as a way of life.  What I mean by "way of life" is that it becomes who I really am and how I live everyday.  Not just when I go to an event or a church meeting.  And while some of the things we try or dream are big and involve more than just a couple of people (thereby making them more complex), the building blocks of growth and change are usually simple.  

Last night, some of the young men in our church (early 20's) "kidnapped" (with parent permission) a young man and took him on a little man initiation evening.  Nothing complicated.  But it communicated that the young man was a part of the movement, important and valuable.  And it was fun.  

We are on the #90dayjourney, and so much of what we are learning to practice is SO NOT COMPLICATED!  Take the simple ideas from today's exercise:

Some of the steps we are taking require coordination with others, such as the non-profits we want to work with.  That takes planning and preparation.  You can't short cut that work.  But if we just wait for someone else to do the planning and set things up, and we skip the lifestyle change that Jesus calls us to (to be oriented around being a blessing to other people, helping them see who Jesus really is by the way we live and the words we say) then we will stay pretty much in the same place.  

Don't wait!  Start right now.  Expect God to grow you and your heart for Him and others as you follow Jesus and love others, including the least of these.

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