Friday, October 26, 2012

#theCityShouldBeDifferent (serving this weekend at Elem School; Cemetery Cleanup; Non-Profit Fundraiser)

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th - We will gather at Paul's House (call/text 794-9891 for easy directions) to Celebrate and Evaluate the 3 service initiatives we did this week, encourage each other, and to keep learning and stretching for what's next! #theCityShouldBeDifferent

Yes, the world is full of catchy motto's   They can sometimes be very helpful in moving us toward something meaningful.  Or they can be a words-only cliche, that never pays off on the promise the motto brings.

I like words and communication, so I toy with phrases and ways to communicate.  It seems I can't go through a day without finding a metaphors to try to explain life, reveal the Gospel and it's implications for all of life.  

#theCityShouldBeDifferent is a call to life bigger, to lean into the power that comes from God for the transformation of the place we live.  It's a mandate for the people who follow Jesus in this city, and the churches in this city to be for the peace and prosperity of our place.  To serve without strings, not hiding the truth that we wish everyone knew and followed Jesus, but to serving the city, the least because we know and follow Jesus - we will love others no matter what.

Much more to say...much more to live.

the city should be different  


TONIGHT we serve by helping put on the "Dance with Our Father" daddy-daughter dance at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Lake Charles.  Call Paul, 794-9891, for info or to help.

TOMORROW we serve helping cleanup a neglected cemetery.  Call Paul to come help.  
AND we will be volunteering at Wheels of Hope to benefit the St. Nicholas Center for Children.  Go and ride tomorrow!

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